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when I was born
DOB: October 15, 1996
TIME: 10:29 pm
WEIGHT: 8pounds 12ounces (oink oink)
LENGTH: 21 inches
HAIR: Lots and Lots of dark brown hair
EYES: Baby blue of course
PERSONALITY: Sweetest baby in the nursery
FIRST THOUGHT: These are MY parents??

Pickles is what I'm called by mommy and daddy. Daddy started this...who knows where he got it from. Daddy's weird sometimes. So as if Pickles wasn't bad enough...I am now refered to as Picks, Pickle-Pie, Picky, Pickle Girl. It's really getting scary around here...The scariest thing of all? I'm starting to respond to these names...Yikes! On some days when I am in my Martha Stewart mood and I feel like redecorating, I get called DOT. It stands for Destroyer Of Things. Now is that nice Mommy?

I can speak
I'm currently 19 months old so I can say a lot of words but let's see if I can remember what my first few words were...hmmm... FIRST WORDS: Mama. I said this before dada but when I found out how to say dada, I liked it a lot better. So I said it all the time. Besides, it made that goofy tall guy really happy.
MY CURRENT VOCABULARY: I say mommy and daddy constantly (they just love hearing their names,) up, down, cheese, bye, hello, poppy, shane, juice, oh-uh, blue, ball, cracker, nose, molly...there's more but we'd be here for a long long time. Plus, there are the words that I use in Emma-bonics. No one but my Mommy and Daddy have figured those out.

things I love
It's such an exciting world isn't it? So much to see and to touch and to taste and to do. I'll break down my favorites into those categories.
SEE: I love to see the birds and the kitties playing. I love to watch the cars and the tress when we go in the car. I love to see mommy and daddy hug each other. I love to see my sippy cup coming towards me full of milk. I love to see my favorite shows like Barney and Blue's Clues. And I love to see my grandmas and poppies and all my cousins.
TOUCH: I love to touch the bubbles in my bath. I love to touch my kitty Hannah's fur. I love to touch my blankie when I squeeze it in my hand. I love to touch the soda cans in the refrigerator. I love to touch mushy food. I love to touch mommy and daddy's hand when we go for a walk. I love to touch the rocks in my driveway. And I love to touch the water in the kittie's bowl.
TASTE: I love to taste all kinds of juice. I love to taste mashed potatoes. I love to taste stringbeans. I love to taste my baby Natalie's nose. I love to taste the bubbles in my bath. I love to taste bananas. And most of all I love to taste my thumb.
DO: There's so much I love to Do. I love to dance. I love to ride on my little Tykes car. I love to hug mommy and daddy. I love to laugh. I love to play hide and seek with my daddy. I love to play in my toy basket. I love my nite nite (blanket). I love my baby Natalie. I love to lay down with my doggies. I love to run outside. I love to hit the computer keys when mommy's not looking and then run away laughing. I love Jesus. And I love being Emma and I love Mommy and Daddy.
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