NAME: Jack
AKA: LoJack, Jack Rabbit
DATE OF BIRTH: Unknown...maybe around 92
INTERESTS: Rubbing all over Dog beast Shane all day for hours, meowing and rushing the food bowls, playing with Marta.
FUTURE PLANS: To marry Shane and become the first interspecies marriage, to trip some more people while I walk under their feet and to protect my sisters.
HOW I BECAME PART OF THE FAMILY: They say out of every tragedy comes some good, well I am the good. My parents had a cat named Amber who already lived at their house when they bought they took care of her. In the summer of 95, Amber passed away. My folks felt awful and wanted to do something in Amber's memory. So they went to the CT Humane Society and adopted the oldest cat in the place...that would be me! I am so happy to be their only cat son. I love all my sisters and will try to make sure no mean cat dudes come in our yard. I am here to protect and serve.
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